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About Us

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About Hajia Snow Cosmetics

BB product

BB product range is a natural organic product made to lighten and take care of your delicate skin

Glass skin product

Glass skin product range from is natural , cleanser and lighten the skin to reveal young looking skin . Very good for people with hard to tone skin types that don’t easily lighten .Contain all natural concentrates . Ranges include halfcast lotion for whitening , caramel glow for achieving a hot chocolate complexion and the anti aging and maintenance cream for maintain and glowing natural skin tone,retaining moisture to the skin , healing of dry skin and paleness

Other products

  • Ascorbic vitamin c supplement
  • Glutha white capsules
  • SoQ whitening capsules
  • Gummies hair skin and nails supplement

  • Glutha prime whitening pills
  • Glupa majic soap
  • Glupa majic lotion
  • Gluthathione injection soap

  • Gluthathione injection serum
  • Gluthathione ingection lotion
  • Golden face cream
  • Golden face lotion
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